New approach in the field of generic drugs.

We want our patients and contractors to identify our brand with high quality products, safety and effectiveness.

Satisfaction of our Clients is treated by us as a measure of quality of our products and inspiration for further development.

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Artespharm Sp. z o.o.

New polish pharmaceutical company founded on the passion, experience and will to deliver patients with pharmaceuticals of highest efficacy and safety, while being affordable to anyone.

Our mission is building pharmaceutical company developing, manufacturing and distributing effective and affordable generic medicines for domestic market.

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You will soon find our products in the drugstores across Poland.

Implementation of Research and Development of Pharmaceuticals Products Results

These require transfer of analytical methods to the client and know how and technology transfer to the customer designated site.

Registration of Pharmaceuticals Products

Development of registration dossier is the next step in the R&D Process. It involves among others running clinical trials being part of the dossier.

Research and Development of Pharmaceutical Products

We are offering researching and development of four classes of pharmaceutical products.